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Why Do People Use the Internet?

Since the Internet is used as a source of knowledge or preferably more described as a medium that is used to connect to people worldwide, it’s importance and worth is extremely valued.

The Internet has grown immensely over the last few decades and has gone from being a choice of information sources, to the leading information source in the world. It has also grown past being just a search engine and has expanded into the biggest entertainment provider, as well as business companion there is.

When it comes to business, you can’t go wrong with the Internet, as it allows you to share files and connect to people in a variety of applications, which wouldn’t’ve been possible without it. In fact, if the Internet didn’t exist, we’d probably still be stuck sending the traditional text messages and calling on a phone, rather than using a video call, typing for hours on What’s App or sending DM’s through Facebook or Instagram.

The world we know today would thus not be the same without it.

Daily-use-of-internetUses for the Internet

  • The biggest source of communication – The Internet is used on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by people from everywhere you can think of. This is even true for communities living in rural areas, especially in Africa. Even though these areas do no have the money to purchase a phone or computer, there are usually a local library that allows them access to the world. There are also so many applications allowing for instant access to communicate with nearly anybody, anywhere.
  • The biggest source of information – Since the Internet was originally used to browse for research purposes, there are many dedicated search engines that allows for unlimited searches today. These include the very famous Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Wikipedia.
  • The possibility of social networking – Again, can you imagine a world where communication is limited to making a call or sending a text on your phone? It wouldn’t be possible today as nearly every business has some sort of relation outside of their own country or even in different states inside of there country. Social networking allows for more reliability and instant access to communicating with anybody.
  • The entertainment hub of the world – Let’s just admit that the Internet is the biggest source of everything. Thanks to YouTube and social media platforms, as well as the online gaming experience, the world has been lit up by the Internet itself. If you think about the ability it allows for watching movies online, as well as any song you could think of, the Internet is gold when it comes to entertainment.
  • The marketing experience – If you’ve got a start-up business, there is no way that you could ever grow or even exist if it wasn’t for digital marketing. Without it, every business would have to rely on their neighbourhood or small scaled city as their customer or client base, as they wouldn’t be able to reach them other then greeting them at the store. One of the biggest reasons why businesses are succeeding the way they do is thus due to the Internet.
Henry AndersonWhy Do People Use the Internet?
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